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send Send a request via Email to have your User Account and/or PII permanently removed on

Send your request to the's support team, data processor or domain owner at to have your User Account and Profile, and/or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) permanently removed.

Click on the template request of your choice (on right), modify it at your convenience, fill the [REQUESTED FIELDS] with your own account or personal information, remove the information that are not necessary to identify your account, check the recipient* and the content twice then send it!

Remember: never send or share your password, it is not needed at all!

To avoid any further data sharing or processing do not forget to uninstall the related mobile application(s) published by and check for your privacy and sharing settings on any other applications or Websites that may have access to your data on

* in some rare case the recipient Email address may not be the one of the data processor but the one of an authorized third-party who provide assistance for, if the recipient's Email address is not ending with please send a first request, without including any of your personal information, to ask where you have to send your deletion or access request.

diy Delete yourself and quickly manage your privacy preferences on

Direct tools not yet available for To delete your account send a request via Email (see above) then, if available, permanently uninstall a related application from your device (see below).

3rd Disconnect, remove and revoke your account or opt out your browser from

Use the direct links on right to go to your favorite Websites and Social Networks to disconnect, remove or revoke the's Web application(s) to avoid further data processing and sharing from and with third-parties.

You may also find opt out buttons to opt out your browser* from behavioural and targeted advertising and tracking while you browse

*To opt out your browser it is necessary to download third-party cookies and that your browser accept third-party cookies. By clicking any of the "opt out button" available on Delentis you agree with our Privacy Policy and the Privacy Policies of third-party Websites who provide the opt out cookies.

Available third-party login and connection on

Go to the App page on Facebook then click the Remove link or find Your App in the list and click Settings then click Remove app

Other third-parties:

Go to your Aol account to remove permissions
Go to the App page on Facebook then click the Remove link or find Your App in the list and click Settings then click Remove app
Go to your Google account to revoke the application
Go to your Instagram account then deauthorize the application
Go to your LinkedIn account to remove the application and Website
Go to your Microsoft account to remove the app and service
Go to your settings page on your Pinterest account then switch off the app you want to remove
Go to your applications settings on your Tumblr account then click Revoke Access for the app you want to remove
Go to your Twitter account to revoke the application
Go to the App page on then click the X on the upper right corner of the app that you want to remove.
Go to your Yahoo! account to remove the application and Website

templates Download the specific request template in ODT or TXT format, update it then reach the data processor at

Download a template in the format of your choice, open it, modify it at your convenience then send it to

Generic template files in English to use at your convenience

Account removal request (A4 | ODT)
Account removal request (A4 | TXT)
Account removal request (LETTER | ODT)
Account removal request (LETTER | TXT)
PII removal request (A4 | ODT)
PII removal request (A4 | TXT)
PII removal request (LETTER | ODT)
PII removal request (LETTER | TXT)

related Related Apps and Websites where your data and PII may -potentially and probably- being processed by

Search for other Applications related to on:

googleplay itunes windowsphone blackberryappworld facebookapps

gallery Others potential Facebook, Android, iOS and Windows Phone Applications -probably- published by

Gallery not available for, you can perform a search for applications related to on the following official stores:
googleplay itunes windowsphone blackberryappworld facebookapps

governing Governing privacy law(s) and regulations ruling the data processing on

If you wish to learn more about your privacy rights, you will find here below all the official links (and translations provided by official authorities) about the law(s) that -are supposed to- rule the data processing on

report Report and/or complaint about privacy concerns or abuse on

Depending on the country and privacy laws it can take from 4 to 8 weeks to have your User Account and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) permanently removed from a Website or a -online- database. Only in the case you have sent a request as the governing law and regulation require, and only if you have not received any reply from, or if you still have further privacy concerns with you could then ask for -usually it is free- support from offical authorities or independent third-party organizations who will assist you to resolve any kind of privacy concerns you might have with

uninstall How to permanently uninstall an application from your device
android ios7 ios windows-phone-8 windows-phone-7 blackberry-10 blackberry-bold symbian-3-anna-belle
bada-2-x bada-prior-to-version-2 kindle-fire-android-4-x kindle-fire-hd-2nd-gen firefox-os opera-tv-store panasonic-viera-connect samsung-smart-tv


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